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Fuel & Tuning

Carburetor jetting and calibration

Carburetor calibration chartThe chart to the right show a carburetor calibration chart.  It compares the effectiveness of each component in a carburetor at certain throttle openings. With this and knowing what throttle position the issue is occurring in, you can narrow your search for the cause of the problem or determine which component to adjust.  Remember to look at the diagnostics page to verify that it is even a fuel issue to start with.

Source – Boyesen

Spark plug conditions and causes

Note: Spark plugs may suffer from one or more of these conditions









Source: motorcycleinfo


Tecumseh 2 & 3 h.p 2 cycle engine carburetor gasket layout

Tecumseh 2 & 3 hp 2cycle

Source: Jack from Jack’s Small Engine Inc.